How does our CSA work?

Big Rock Organics at Lamb of God Farm provides high-quality products from our fields to your family’s table.  Crops are selected to provide your family with a variety of choices throughout the growing season. We choose family-friendly staples, such as delicious tomatoes, sweet corn and potatoes, as well as new ethnic and heirloom varieties to sample.

We’re excited to offer over 35 types of vegetables and as many as 125 varieties in your box over the course of a season.

Our season is 20 weeks from June to October, spanning the spring, summer and fall seasons. You can participate in the entire season, seeing the widest range of variety and selection. If you prefer to select your participation by weeks, giving you flexibility with vacations or travel, we are happy to accommodate. Drop-offs occur in your area once a week and locations are listed in our Store.

We’re making it quick, easy and fun to try new vegetables with this innovative option! Our menus are designed seasonally with around the garden fresh produce, meats are locally-raised and fixings are sustainably sourced. Our eco-friendly packaging and temperature-regulated handling ensures it arrives at the drop off point safe and ready for your kitchen! 

Select the right farm box for you

Vegetable Full Box - $45 per week
  • Family of 4+, cooking 4-5 meals a week

Vegetable Half Box - $35 per week
  • Family of 1-3, cooking 3-5 meals a week

Culinary Experience Box - $85 per week
  • Family of 2, 3 pre-assembled dinners and 2 pre-assembled salad

Paleo Box - $65 per week
  • Family of 2, includes 1 dozen eggs, 1 meat or poultry selection/seeds/granola plus our veggies

Being a CSA member helps you to expand your culinary repertoire, but in today’s busy world we understand how much of a challenge it can be to get healthy, quick meals on the table. That’s why we are excited to offer our Culinary Experience Box. Each box contains enough food for two people and includes:

3 pre-assembled meals ready for you to cook in your kitchen (complete three-dish dinner)

  • Recipe
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Fixings

2 pre-assembled salads ready for you to prepare in your kitchen (perfect for lunches or sides for a quick evening meal)

  • Recipe
  • Vegetables
  • Fixings 

What is in a box?