Big Rock Organics- Get to know us. 

It's important to know your farmer and trust their growing methods. We grow food we love for our own family- fresh, organic and delicious. Here's an introduction to the faces behind our food! 

Jonathan Lewis

An amazing operator and a brilliant problem solver, he makes things happen around here! From field prep and cultivation to irrigation installation, he keeps everything operating. 

Natasha Lehrer Lewis 

Getting her love of gardening from 4-H, she's had a heart for producing beautiful, tasty food for nearly 20 years. The mastermind, who plans all the plantings, pickings and more, she spreads her time between art, agriculture and teaching. 

Donna Lehrer

From a career in the oil industry, to becoming a voice for the small farmer, she's the one who loves fighting for a good cause. Her warm heart and gift of hospitality are evident to all who know her.  

There's more!

just a few more friendly faces!

"Maude" the Chicken

Farm Mascot
Where to begin? Maude is an amazing little chicken who loves to find worms in freshly tilled soil, be picked up and snuggled, and is forever driving us crazy! Best farm mascot a place could ask for. 

Scott Lehrer 

Farm Patriarch 
When he left corporate in 2000, it began a journey into what is now Big Rock Organics. Every day he reminds us to look for the good- such as the sunsets, which he calls "postcards from Heaven".