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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's this?

A: Not sure how to cook a new item in your produce box? Don’t worry! A weekly vlog post featuring live updates from the field, a tour of your box, and three timely recipes is emailed to you before each delivery. 

Q: What can I make with it? 

A: Members are encouraged to post their dinnertime stories and pictures on the Big Rock Organics Facebook page and Instagram #bigrockorganics. Share your favorite recipes! We love being inspired by seeing our food on your table.

Q: How long will the produce last?

A: We recommend to wash and pack your produce into the fridge as soon as you can after receiving it. When handled this way, it will last for a 1.5-2 weeks, that is if you don't gobble it down before then! 

Q: How do you use your box? 

A: Personally, I like to chop and put as much as I can into the fridge after getting the box. It might take an hour or two, but then I have all my food ready for the week. I can easily pre-make salads for the week, or a stir fry mix, and have it ready. At the end of the week, before getting your box, take any veggies that are left and make soup or stock and freeze it. 

Q: I have too much! What now? 

A: Saute any extra greens and freeze them into little bags to add to soup or omelettes later on. Tomatoes- freeze whole and use later - just run them under hot water while frozen, slip off skins and add to chili or pasta. Take a canning class or host a food night at your house- invite friends and all chop and prepare one dish that you can all split and home. It's more fun with friends! 

Q: How can I ever go back to boring grocery store produce? 

A: You can't! You will have such a broader range of palate and taste after doing a CSA season. It's hard to get through winter, settling for boring broccoli and such, but it makes you so much more appreciative of spring coming. You will learn to flow with the seasons, and appreciate the moment and the tastes and flavors it presents. It's not just a produce box, it's a way of connecting with your food, with your family, with friends, with the flow of the growing world. You will feel more gratefulness and more creativity coming into your life as you slow down to cook, eat and enjoy! 

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